Where Is Blockchain Used? Top Blockchain Applications

Where Is Blockchain Used? Top Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology is being used more and more broadly. Serving as an alternative to the centralized banking system and traditional transaction methods, it inspires more Blockchain-based paying systems to be created. However, apart from financial sphere, blockchain is also expanding towards other areas. More and more different industries’ markets start to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses, and blockchain applications for various uses appear.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the traditional way of operation of economy, government, health sphere, science, art, and many other areas.

Sectors influenced by blockchain

Mainly, blockchain applications may be divided into four main groups, such as digital currency, smart contracts, securities and record keeping.


Digital currency applications

Blockchain is broadly used for financial services as its technology enables safe transactions without taking a lot of time.

  • Global payments & Remittance

Bitspark, a remittance platform for making transactions to any locations globally. While using the network, payments become easy and secure. Another trusted platform is Abra which allows its users to buy, store and invest in cryptocurrencies, and it supports 20 different altcoins. Veem, one more network for making payments, provides solutions with remittance as well, providing a possibility to request and send payments around the world easily and fast.

  • In the sphere of financial services connected with digital currency, Blockchain is also used for E-commerce, P2P lending, and Microfinance.


Smart contracts applications

  • Gambling

Etheroll is a smart contract based on Ethereum blockchain. It is a dice game which requires no deposits or sign-ups. Thanks to the blockchain technology, Etheroll’s codebase is decentralized and transparent, making profits fair. Wagerr is also a platform used for gambling. It deals with betting contracts, being based on blockchain technology. The platform is decentralized, fairly evaluating results and instantly paying out winners without corruption.

  • Escrow

Confideal is a system developed for making fast and secure deals. The ecosystem is based on Ethereum blockchain and is used for any kind of deals by cryptocommunity, individuals, small businesses or large entrepreneurs.


Securities applications

  • Crowdfunding

Weifund is a platform for crowdfunding campaign which provides prepared campaign templates that everybody can use. It is a crowdfunding platform with comparatively low cost which is very easy to use. Starbase – another platform where it is possible to get funded by issuing and selling tokens. Developed funding plans help to save time and money, and get innovative projects and start-ups funded.

  • Derivatives

There is a big number of platforms based on blockchain to offer derivatives. Variabl, an Ethereum-based platform, is one of them. With the use of trustless smart contracts, traders are being matched to make contracts. Real-time operations make the process efficient and convenient.


Record keeping applications

  • Ownership, title records & intellectual property

Ascribe is a blockchain-based platform that helps creative users to affirm and keep intellectual property rights. Created record of ownership is verified and securely kept with no issues arising. The platform provides the possibility to share the digital content being sure that the information is secured. Creations may be loaned as well without loss of attribution, and it is possible to buy and sell property rights with all legal aspects being concerned. Stampery is another service which protects important information for businesses and organizations. Using the platform, it is easy to have the proof of ownership, existence, integrity and receipt.

  • Proof of identity

Civic is a secure identity ecosystem which helps organizations, businesses and individuals to prove and secure identities. Its services are aimed at helping users with personal data frauds and also protects the history of transactions. For identity and personal data security it is also possible to use Evernym, an international network based on distributed ledger technology.

  • Voting

FollowMyVote provides a solution for secure and transparent online voting. The platform is aimed at making elections transparent and at proving their legitimacy, making sure the results are accurate. Polys is another blockchain-based network for online voting. It is reliable and secure, with the aim to help governments with efficient elections.

  • Healthcare

Well is a global healthcare marketplace powered by blockchain. The platform globalizes healthcare and connects medical specialists and doctors with patients all over the world, breaking country borders. It ensures easy cross-border payments with no losses and risks.

There are many more other networks and platforms based on blockchain technology for the spheres mentioned above. Moreover, blockchain starts to be applied in a number of other spheres as well, making activities easier and more convenient.

Blockchain technology provides decentralization, transparency and security. Using blockchain applications, it is possible to do many activities in various spheres, being sure that transactions, personal data and information are secured.

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