Decenternet: Decentralized Internet needs no permissions

Decenternet: Decentralized Internet needs no permissions

Decentralized Internet is a solution that doesn’t need any permission from the regulatory authorities. And unacceptable content inside the network is moderated by the users. It is reported by the sponsor of Blockchain International Show: Decenternet, alternative P2P decentralized internet infrastructure platform. We talked with the company representatives and found out about the main idea of Decenternet, the main challenges of the platform and their solutions.

Interviewer: Blockchain International Show (BIS).

Respondent: Decenternet (D-net).

BIS: What is the key idea of Decenternet?

D-net: Planetary level complete decentralized internet solution that focuses on mass scalability, profitability and proliferation of suppressed technologies without needing permission from any centralized organization.

BIS: Existing blockchain-based systems often lack data transfer speed. How will you tackle this problem when creating the decentralized Internet?

D-net: We create software-driven smart routes which work on the basis of POR rankings. These help data to take optimum routes to reach to the destination. Also, we create a hybrid network system which can facilitate optimum network health. More details will be on the white paper.

BIS: Certain moderation of prohibited content on the Internet is necessary to act within the legal framework (including international). Will Decenternet implicate this moderation? If yes, in which way? If not, why?

D-net: Explicit contents such as pornography can be filtered out through a censorship system enforced by the rules set by users. It is an autonomous lottery-based censorship classification solution where people can randomly participate in the classification of content that is reported to be problematic. Pornography and extremely unacceptable content should have a separate fork of d-net.

BIS: What is the financial benefit a basic user gets from Decenternet?

D-net: The main benefits are:

  1. Decenternet's cryptocurrency Coineru which is also called "the currency of life" will be traded on major retail and institutional exchanges and downloadable wallets. Coineru is also launching its debit card that can be used in any ATM and POS terminal around the world that accepts VISA.
  2. More than 3000 enterprise grade dapps reserved to be developed and launched when main-net goes live by partners and investors. It is the most performance driven realistic planetary level adoption of decentralized internet infrastructure.
  3. Mining rewards for the masses sustaining a performance driven node fundamentals.
  4. Incentivized micro-services consumption.

BIS: In your opinion, how will Decenternet influence the society in the long run if its ideas are accepted by the majority of Internet users?

D-net: Notice how Decenternet will positively influence the society long-term realizing the long sought our promise of planetary net-neutrality powered by Blockchain technology. Achieve the promise of the fore fathers of the Internet – ARPANET, and deliver the Internet of the Future today – where the eco-system is run by the people, for the people, for the world. It materializes the vision of abundance and stability for all as a default state on a planetary scale. It returns our civilization to the way how it was supposed to be. It allows a bridging between the earthian age to the galactic age.

BIS: What plans do you currently have in terms of Decenternet development?

D-net: Please note that due to strong partnership with industry giants, evolution of the development process is very frequent. Notice that movement is balance and equilibrium. We do not attempt to stay in one place. The masterplan can also become the God plan and beyond.

  1. Develop all 7-core modules for the Decenternet Spyce Mining platform.
  2. Develop the BRM+SOA platform for Micro-Services.
  3. Develop primary Internet platform services (search engine, storage platform, and DWS cloud services (CDD).
  4. Deploy partner micro-services on Dnet Spyce Mining Platform (Eco-System Partner).

BIS: What difficulties do you face when developing Decenternet? How do you solve them?

D-net: The main difficulties are:

  • Complexity – Utilize best of breed senior developers specializing in Blockchain software development and mastery of Java, C++, Golang, and ElectronJS languages, and P2P technology.
  • Time Constraint – Adopt a ratio of 80-20 rule with 20% senior developers, and 80% mid-level developers. Compress Spyce Mining Platform build from 3 years to 2 years.
  • Run platform development centrally from one main Blockchain Campus in Manila, managed and supervised by multi-cultural technology core-team and leadership. This expansion is constant, yet constant expansion is not enough.

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